OUR LADY OF GREENS. Sustainable resources

Our Lady of Greens. Food sustainability and wellbeing

I'm Blanca, the founder and CEO of Our Lady of Greens. I’ve always been passionate about eating fresh sustainably sourced ingredients, and making delicious yet healthy food.

I started growing my own vegetables at local allotments in Merton as a hobby, as well as designing my own food growing systems to use indoors at my home in London. Sharing my produce and recipes with family and friends, and truly enjoying the contact with nature.


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In 2021 I decided to make the leap from my corporate career on Communications and PR in the City, to setting up my own business. Our Lady of Greens was born with the simple objective of helping others eat more sustainably while improving their wellbeing.


Eating sustainably is an empowering experience that touches so many different aspects of our lives. It makes us feel better at so many different levels, mentally, physically, emotionally... I'm so grateful to sharing my passion with you. I really hope it will serve others in the same way it has served me.



Our purpose:

Our purpose is to help people live more sustainably, as well as improving their wellbeing.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to encourage people to grow their own food by creating products that make indoor mindful growing easy and effective fight food waste by producing artisanally made vegan products with no added sugar nor additives.

Our Values:

  • Kindness
  • Gratitude
  • Service to others
  • Nature
  • Innovation
  • Community

Our Lady of Greens was created with the aim of fighting food waste and helping customers reduce their food-related carbon footprint as well as improving their overall well-being.


We believe that we can take care of our physical, mental, and spiritual health and at the same time protect our beautiful planet. Our motto is "Good for you, good for the planet".

This is how we do it:


🌍 Offering products designed and manufactured in the UK like the Zen Indoor Food Garden, which allows customers to grow their own food mindfully all year round. It also comes with a bench that can be used to meditate;

🌍 Working with the community by helping local businesses reduce their food waste;

🌍 Creating our range of no added sugar or additives Zen vegan products, including kombuchas, chutneys and energy bars, which we sell at local markets in Wimbledon as well as online to the whole country;

🌍 Using sustainable packaging and offering our customers a discount to recycle our bottles and jars;

🌍 Organising well-being and grow-your-own-food events;

🌍 Working with local residents to create their food gardens;

🌍 Designing vegan recipes that are sustainable, affordable, healthy and easy to make.